Be a certified ethical hacker in this digital world

The growing prospect of digital technology and software system has encouraged many students to pursue software development. But, the need of the hour is to create a system that can help the existent systems to be secured. Due to high-level malware and spyware development, there is a growing demand for the security professionals that can help the systems to concrete privacy to reduce data-stealing. This problem can be solved by Ethical Hackers and to become one of the persons of the elite digital community, one needs to have full knowledge about the subject and undertake CEH exam to get certification.

CEH stands for certified ethical hacker and it is very much required for you to project your knowledge and skills if you wish to continue as a professional ethical hacker. The certification is the proof of verification that endorses your knowledge and skills to the company and is seen highly by the IT units.

Ethical hacking

Ethical hacking is a term used to describe the different activities by an ethical individual to detect possible threats and opportunities as well as vulnerability in a system. They are usually the security guards of the system protecting the system from illegal hackers, also known as the black hat hackers.

But, the application of ethical hacking is not limited to this only. The skills and knowledge of hacking are very popular in the IT industry that equips the software developers to find bugs and errors in their codes and security professionals to find vulnerabilities in their network system. This helps an organization build better hack-proof software products and thus, there is a need for ethical hackers inside the premises.  

What is the CEH exam?

CEH exam is a test that is conducted by the ethical community to test the skills and knowledge of an individual. There are many institutes offering courses on ethical hacking and conducting the exam. After successful completion of the course and scoring good marks in the test entails the certification that you can project to the IT industries and land up in a job of your choice.

The certification will help you comprehend the actual working of hacking in the real-time. It will equip you with all the essential and advanced tools used by the black hat hackers to hack into your system. Moreover, the CEH exam also provides you with the reasoning ability to understand the hacker’s mind and find solutions to restrict them in getting access through the vulnerabilities. The exam costs around 500 USD with an extra ‘eligibility application fee’ for 100 USD for self-study candidates.

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